We are the place where late school & teens come for advice, secrets and essential tips on how to look and act older. 

It can be a beautiful and powerful feeling to know you have the ability to take control of how other people, your friends, peers and school mates will see you and how much older they perceive you to be. What we try to do is help you to know what you want. You may want to cut or style your hair to make you look older. You may want to wear new clothing styles to make you look older. You may want to be taller to look older. You may want to use make-up or body building to look older

The truth is you just Need To Look Older, but don't know how to achieve this.

We also help you actually become older and more mature. Our secrets are only for teenagers of 16 years plus. If you are still a Tweenie or are just 15 year old please come back when you are a little older.

We have the newest tips on how Celebrities have got their look and success. We recommend Rookiemag for the younger Teens reading this page. It's the grooviest thing around

How to use hairstyles to look older, How to grow a few inches taller, how to use your eyes to mesmerize the opposite sex, how to dress to look cool. Tips to help you if you are ugly, makeup secrets, hairstyle secrets and a whole lot more.

One very powerful secret we have recently discovered is a way to use you eyes to attract the opposite sex. We call this The Slow Blink it can be a little scary at first, but when you get the hang of how to use the power of your eyes, you will be shocked at the success it brings. Go to our Secret Attraction Tips pages for more info.

No doubt you'll already of heard about shirt swapping to trick everyone into believing you are the next year up at school, if not there is more info on the Tips for the Girls to look older info

There can be a huge difference between life at school and what happens on the street each evening and weekend. If you are used to seeing strict rules like these:


  • Dress Correctly
  • No Chewing Gum
  • No Drugs
  • No Smoking
  • Good Manners and Good Respect
  • Turn Your Mobile Phone Off


These rules are good in school and you bet you can always break every one of them as soon as you leave the school gates.

Don't forget it's vitally important to be cool at school. Even in your uniform there is no reason you can't grab the limelight and be as individual and you are out of school.

Do make sure the kit you wear is good quality and kept clean. Just like you can tell who is cheap and scruffy in school, other pupils and even the teachers and tutors know who the dregs of class really are. Good accessories always stand out and look classy and show off a the personal side to who you really are. To look older than you really are with make up

Now we are into 2013 there is so much competition to be cool and attractive. Being cool and attractive is not so easy when people see you as too young. it's all about acting mature and making other people take notice of you. If you wanna date a tall guy to look mature

The very first thing you must do to look cool is stop wearing those bright colours your parents liked you to wear when you were 12. Keep you head... still, that's right when you make lots of head movements and are always looking round, it's a give away you are still a young one. look forward at all times unless you have too. lets others take notice of the world around them, you are going to have the world take notice of you!

Warning about control using eye movements

When you are using any newly discovered powerful technique to try and attract, you are also trying to take control of what they actually want and what they are attracted to. By using this Slow Blink method of attraction, you are simulating what happens under hypnosis, you are trying to control the needs and feeling of those you are in conversation with.

The Slow Blink attraction method is used to subconsciously and covertly attempt to control or modify your listener's behavior. You will only be involved in conversation which is an ordinary social interaction, but you are trying to make someone become more attracted and interested in you for the purpose of building a relationship which will usually include at some point, sex. It is important to be aware that this occurs in settings where your listener has a reasonable expectation not to be tricked into something they may later regret.

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