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Tips to get your ex back when you really loved them too much

When you just have to get your ex boyfriend or girlfriend back it can be a roller coaster ride of emotion, but hold tight it can be done using fair means or even tricks if you have to resort to tactics. Almost every teenager goes through these horrible emotional feelings of break-ups when you really are truly in love. Yes we know you are heartbroken. You and only you can know if its time to move on or try to get your ex back.

You don't have to just take it, no you can be stronger than that, sometimes it can be a little scary and a little risky but when you are really really in love it is worth it even if you eventually fail to make up with you girlfriend or boyfriend.

In relationships between 14 and 19 year olds there is around 70% chance you can win back the love of your ex. when you just can't stop thinking and feeling in love then you know it's time to try to get back with him or her, you owe it to yourself and your own pride and self esteem to try at least once.

Take a look at why and what has happened in the first place to make the split or break-up happen, was there someone else involved. Did the break-up take place at an event or when you were attending or doing something different from usual. Most times when we are in a relationship we feel secure and relaxed to be will the person we love. This can change when we enter a new environment with new faces and places to take the attention away from who we have already known for a long time.

A split-up may have occurred when one of the changes and events or places also brings about a altered state of behavior.
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You can win back your ex by using two well know tactics.

Looks and attraction really do count for everything for us teenagers. We all want to be attractive and look our best especially when in times of a deep love crisis.

Sometimes you have to resort to short term tricks to look temporarily more fit to your ex to make their heart sink and realize just what it is they are missing. One of the most successful first steps to winning back your ex is to find a new way that makes them 100% convinced they really are doing the wrong thing by dropping you. You will need to make your self look more attractive both physically and emotionally. it is also a great help in tempting back you ex to appear to going somewhere in life. You need to be a Man or woman with a plan, someone who knows what they want and how to go about getting it.

Whatever you do in life it is a must too look good, cool and sexy after all these are the basic success traits we all use to catch the attention and interest of another, this is equally as true for your past loves as with a search for someone new. If you look good and appear to be going places, then other people who are with you will be doing the same.

Don't forget the primary reason why the break or split happened in the first place, you really do need to try and remove this problem before new steps can resume to make him or her fancy you again and know just what they are missing.

We have learnt that the old adage of playing hard to get works well, when someone knows they can't have you they will automatically want you more. after all if you can have somebody anytime then what is the rush, playing hard to get counters this and works in your favour. Do let him see you dressed up and looking sexy for other people. If he sees you are getting the attention of others then he may even become a little jealous of this of this. it is a process that just happens with men and boys especially.

One idea that our girls use makes their ex boyfriend become more interested in them.

Find a new girlfriend and hang with her for a while. Even better if she has a boyfriend and better still if your ex does not know who they are! Maybe someone from a different school, college or if you are an older teen then maybe a work colleague. Some one who is pretty and cool. They will already have their own friends, so you may have to tag along somewhat. Try to be seen with these 'New People' in places your ex might see you. He is going to wonder who they are and what is going on. If you can also just alter your look a little this will help. Your ex will see you have begun a new phase in your life and will be intrigued and much more interested in The New You.

After a week or two you may be able to engineer a way to just e in the right place at the right time and you and your new friends will be in the same hang-out as your ex, Bingo he is gonna want to get to know you again, after all it is The New You

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